How to get to Oze National Park Katashina?


How to get to Oze National Park Katashina-mura:

[Doko desu ka? – Transportation]


Car (Kuruma): if you come by car from Tokyo just follow Route 120 to Niigata. Nevertheless, I have heard that it is very difficult to get one’s driving license accepted here in Japan.
Bus (Basu): This is maybe the best option – money & time wise!
Take the Kanetsu Line bus from Shinjuku or Kawagoe Station. These stop in Numata city and at numerous spots in Katashina: Hanasaku (many guesthouses and hotels are here), Kamata (right in front of my office), Tokura (is where you can take a small bus that takes you to Oze National Park) and Oze Oshimizu (a different entrance to the Oze national Park). The price differs depending on the stations you get on and off the bus. However, a round journey from Shinjuku to Hanasaku Station, for example, may cost around 7,000 yen.
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Train (Ressha): If you have a Japan Rail Pass this may be the most convenient for you, as you can take a 3-hour train ride on the JR Takasaki Line from Ueno (1 way trip: 1940 yen) or on the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line from Shinjuku (1 way trip: 1940 yen). In Takasaki change onto the Joetsu Line to take you to Numata (760 yen). In Numata take a bus to Kamata (1 way: 1,550 yen)

Shinkansen: You can also catch the super-fast Joetsu Shinkansen heading to Niigata from Tokyo, Omiya or Ueno Station. A round trip may cost you around 10,000 yen. Get out at Jomokogen Station and then take a bus to Katashina-mura (e.g. Kamata Station), the bus will cost an extra 4,000 yen (roundtrip).


Locating Katashina-mura:




Gumna Map Oze national Park Katashina Mura

Oze Travel Agency (Katashina Promotion Public Corporation) is our office – that is where I am sitting at my desk right now! I tried to highlight the 3 different zones of Katashina on the map: Oze, Marunuma & Hotaka.

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  1. Hi Inga.. can you please help me? I plan to go to Oshimizu from Kamata, but I couldn’t find any bus schedule for it. Do you know what time does the bus leave from Kamata coz I will be coming from Nikko around 1450pm. How far is Kamata to Oshimizu and how much is the fare? Thanks!

    • Oze Travel Blog

      Hi Jen, this is Aya from Oze Katashina Tourist information.We’re now took over from Inga and operating Oze travel blog.

      First of all, Thank you for considering to visit Oze national Park.Let me answer your question. There is a bus from Kamata to Hatomachitoge(switch a bus at Tokura), leave Kamata at 15:05pm, 15:53pm, 16:28pm…(Last bus from Kamata to Oshimizu is 14:21pm). From Kamata to Tokura takes 20min and costs 670yen and from Tokura to Hatomachitoge takes 30min and costs 930yen.

      Here is bus timetable(JP)

      Do you stay in Oze that night? Otherwise maybe it’s bit late to go there.Because you cannot see the view from bus stop. You need to hike at least 1hour to see the view(if that is the reason to go..). or if you can come earlier or stay in Katashina one night and hike next day is better.

      If you have any question please feel free to comment here.

      Here is Oze Map (EN)

      Thank you!

  2. Kenneth Sin

    Hi, I would like to drive to Hatomachi Toge, and park the car here for a day walk! We will leave about 5pm. According to the traffic restriction in the area, can I do this and park my car at the Hatomachi To be for a day??


    Kenneth sin

    • Oze Travel Blog

      Hello Kenneth! Thank you for considering to visit Oze national Park.
      This is Aya from Oze Katashina Tourist information.

      At hatomachitoge, there is vehicle traffic control until 10th October in this year. Until then it’s not able to drive up there. So you may drive to Tokura and park your car there (1000yen/24Hour) and take a bus(930yen) or taxi to Hatomachitoge.

      Bus Time Table (14th Sep – 3th Nov, 2016)

      From Tokura to Hatomachitoge:
      From Hatomachitoge to Tokura:

      *11th Oct to 3th Nov, Last bus from Tokura is 15:55 and From Hatomachitoge is 16:30.

      After 10th October, you can drive to Hatomachitoge and park your car there. But the best season is until early October, the end of October already cold and finish autumn leaves. Please make sure to wear hiking cloth and bring warm cloth as well. From Hatomachitoge to Ozegahara takes one hour to hike.

      Thanks & Enjoy!

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